Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Miembro desde 9 años
"Clear, natural, versatile, well-spoken, posh or American accent."

I have a very open sound. I sound clear and 'unaffected' when I read explanatory or informative script. I bring truth to the words, sounding like I know them to be true. I sound trustworthy but not artificially so. I emphasise in a way that people can relate to without having to 'act' too much, although I can also act. Acting too much can be heard and the voice no longer sounds relaxed and truthful. However, I can indeed act and the art is in finding the right balance.

I have a broad range of styles. I am very good at bringing out the depth and meaning of an informative script and also creating a deep and rich dramatic and narrative effect. Up close, or on the phone, my voice is rich and can be quite sensual. I can sound smart, clear and formal or relaxed, dynamic and explosive. I am great at improvising voices on demand and can switch from newsreader to orc very easily.

I am a coherent and effective communicator who can bring real life to a script and a feeling of spontaneity. I am very capable and it is likely that I will give you what you are looking for, or perhaps even something more. I am flexible and I work well with directors and producers because I know how to listen. I am a first-class communicator at the level of production as well as with the microphone.


I studied television and radio production at Christ Church University College in Canterbury and ultimately specialised and graduated in film production. I studied and practiced voice recording for radio drama and comedy production and was a popular choice for students who needed a voice for their projects.

I subsequently became the voice of the OneTel telephone company, before moving into audio editing, production and archiving for several years. I am now a CELTA-qualified trainer of English as a second language, and specialise in training grammar and pronunciation.

I am also a trainer of Business English. I understand how people in business need to communicate personally and with the public using advertising.


Although I have yet to gain a lot of experience as a voice talent, I am a media professional with a lot of understanding of the field and I am very familiar with recording studios and audio production. I have been working as a professional audio and video editor and technician for the last five years.

My demos were professionally recorded by Stefan Nierwetberg, an experienced producer and director at P&P Studios in Regensburg. He gave me some positive feedback which he can relay to you (Stefan speaks English as well as German).

Stefan Nierwetberg
Geschäftsführer (Managing Director)
P&P Studios
Hoppestraße 7
93049 Regensburg

Tel. +49 (0)941/ 69676 – 16

Prior to this I was working for the KFT audio and video archive as a production assistant.

Jerome Blanche
Foundation Administrator
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd.
Brockwood Park
Bramdean, Hants. UK
SO24 0LQ

Tel. +44 (0) 1962 793 827


My family background is theatrical. My father is a retired American theatre director and playwright, with a background in the culture of Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s, and the New York and London theatre scene of the 60s and 70s. I have been exposed to A LOT of old hollywood cinema and also very many good British and American radio and television programmes. I have a well-informed and experienced taste and I know the difference between good and bad production.

My hearing is extremely good and when I listen to audio I can identify particular singers, actors and processes that have been used in the production.

My voice is very flexible and there are a whole range of sounds I can produce which are not on my demos. I can do several different English accents, national and international, and I have a good sense of humour which comes through clearly, and I can sing. You should contact me! Thanks for reading.