One of the most popular voices in italian televisions and radios for advertisements and commercials but also in programs.
Native actor and voice over talent. warm, sincere with undertones. Velvety smooth, playful, strong, elegant, polished.
Expressive voice that is able to convey many moods.
Fluent in Italian.
Also able to speak in French and English, with a light or strong Italian accent as required.

Una delle voci maggiormente utilizzate in tv e radio Italiane per pubblicita' e programmi televisivi. Ampia estensione espressiva e capace di vestire diversi ruoli, certamente molto flessibile e duttile. Buon inglese, con inevitabile accento italiano ma non smaccato.


Acting school 1985-1989....then career.


Currently based in London, I work daily for italian recording studios and some based in the UK. I have also worked in and for some studios in Los Angeles.
Advertising: Scavolini, Ottica Avanzi, Corriere della Sera, Banana Chiquita, Rimmel, Canon, LG....
TV Programs on SKY TV: Dating in The Dark (narrator), Hell's Kitchen (voiceover), Masterchef USA (voiceover), X-Factor USA (voiceover), Artrace (narrator & voiceover).
Discovery Channel documentaries,
RAI 5: Dinastie (narrator), DI Padre in Figlio (narrator), Gualtiero Marchesi (narrator)
RAI 2: CD Live! (voice)
Official voice of some italian ntws: Italia1, Canale5.
Dubber: cartoons and movies and Walt Disney's characters...
Audiobooks: Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Dirty Dishes.


Pro Tools 11, CAD Equitek E100S, Avalon Voice Compressor, Sontronincs STC-II, joemeek threeq, Apogee iMic.