A voice artist, mainly broadcast, a singer and now proud owner of an agency with a multitude of friends and colleagues, I consider myself lucky to do what I love the most. Work on my own time :P
I traveled a lot, come from a multicultural environment, worked as a columnist, Tv presenter and producer, I interviewed, sang, acted, voiced and wrote, and made a living by implementing my feelings into someone else s project. We breathe life into an idea and connect with an audience we will never meet.
A diction coach, a teacher of foreign languages, a mother, a woman, all these identities and frictions have shaped my voice into the tool I use to express joy, excitement, anger, curiosity, authority. May have a sexy undertone if needed.
Thank you fro reading.,


Diction and speech coach
5 years of vocal training ( singing)
2 years in the Theater.


Novo Nordisk
National telephone company of Greece
10 mns solution

Numerous applications and Ivr menus


Can do accented if needed ( french and latino)
Can provide very short sentences as a child.
May provide robotic and other sound effects.

Will proofread and suggest changes if desired.
Writing of scripts and sales pitch.
Small videos for facebook pages.
Social media campaigns.