Deep and neutral for narrations
Energetic,fun and gracious for commercials
Clear and pleasant for presentations
Very,very Flexible and personable for cartoons
Great notion of time, sexy and creative for videogames.


i´m an actress and started working in voiceover 2005.


I started as "Huckleberry Finn" a very particular boy from Missisipi.
I´ve done a friendly ghost "Casper", a japonese special girl that turn into a grown up, Minky Momo, and a lot of other cartoon series like Jacob two two (bufurd and Sourpickle), Transformers (all female characters), Petit Nicolas ( Nicolas and Grandmother), Super Why,(all female extras)It´s a joy to do this characters because anything can happen!
I had done video games like Invizimals and Mod Nation Racers, also participate in commercials for radio and Tv for Multiopticas,Calgon and Depuralina, Worten, Silit Bang...
In many Lisbon studios i work often in documentaries, cartoons and real image, and i also have experience doing de casting direction.


Workshop activities
Voiceover Direction
Artistic director of ARTErra- rural artistic residency