A producer I once worked with once described my voice as not pure tenor or pure bass. Instead, he said it straddles both realms, giving it a musical quality.
I wasn't sure what he meant at the time. Not entirely sure now, but thought it sounded cool and decided to run with it.
My sound veers from folksy to higher end detached (depending on the desire and direction of the producer I work with).


I've spent the last twenty years behind the microphone, the bulk of it as a journalist. It was only in the last decade or so I discoverd the world of acting and voice overs. In that time I've honed my skills working with such notables as: Washington D.C.'s Ann Utterback, New York's Susan Berkeley, and Seattle's Valerie Mamches and Veronica Weikel. In recent months I've taken lessons from Seattle's Kathy Levin, Portland's Lesley Bailey, and James Alburger and Penny Abshire of San Diego.


PBS/WNET “Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging” (Documentary) N.O.A.A. Twenty Years after The Exxon Valdez Spill (Documentary) T.O.E.F.L Narrator/Professor (Educational) Tacoma/Pt. Defiance Zoo “A Seahorse Odyssey"
UB Matrix Medical Narrator
HER Interactive (Nancy Drew game) “John Grey”
Oregon Public Broadcasting “American Passages” (L. Hughes)
Nextel Partners Mission Possible (Industrial) Events and Adventures: (NW radio campaign)Announcer
Car Toys: Jamaican DJ (NW radio campaign)