Narrator, Announcer, Storyteller, Characters, Every Man, Guy Next Door, Teacher, Spokesperson, Alpha Male, Conversational, Professional, Friendly, Believable, Confident, Authentic, Informative, Authoritative, Upbeat, Warm


Active educator, musician for the past 32 years.

Currently studying:
Elaine A. Clark - "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is"
James A. Alburger - "The Art of Voice Acting"
Harland Hogan - "VO Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor"
Lowenthall/Platt - "Voice-Over, Voice-Actor"
Blakemore - "Recording Voiceover"

I have been been viewing, studying and practising on line tutorials by
Bill Dewees, Terry Daniels, Mary Windishar, David Rosenthal.

I also participate in Edgestudio weekly contests and feedback forums to increase my knowledge and skill of the voice over industry.


- Visa (Risk Management HD)

- Honda 24 MX

- BMW 535 Spec Commercial

- Queiroz Galvão Energia

- Avaamo

- IsaiX Technologies Inc.- Montreal, Canada (Daniel Wolfe)

- Leonard and Andrew Kliger Law Firm - Westmount Quebec, Canada

- Mediaspark (Richard Lorway)

- UMapped (Lisa Israelovitch)

- Worldplay (Irina Makeeva)

- Voices of Alberta (Zoar Shteinbach)

- North Coast Productions (Tom Kothbauer)

- TimeCODE/Media Productions (Adgio Hutchings)

- RV Marine (IVR)

- Pacrim Steel (IVR)

- Onevision (IVR)

- Texasway

- Tech Support Hotline


I can sing for you.
Check it out, if you wish.