I am a West End Musical Theatre actress and singer, I am also a vocal coach so I am very knowledgable about all things "voice"! I have a distinctive tone which has deemed to be very useful in the cartoon characters I have played. These characters have been high energy young boys, wicked witches, squeaky little girls, grandmas, sexy ladies and many baddies! My generic American accent is strong, my native accent is East London and is friendly and energised, my corporate voice is RP, measured and clear. The natural pitch of my voice is lower (alto)


20 years experience as a regular actress at Village Recorders Studio. 30 years experience as a leading Theatre Actress.


At Village Recorders, I dubbed and lip synched many cartoons including - Blanche The Sheep, Parsley Playground, Millenium Actress, Toto, Eliot Mouse, Ratman, The Bee Bees,
Bali, Monaco Blue, Santa's Apprentice, Buttercup Wood, Shadow Fighter, Friends of the Forest, Ripples, Rocket Boy, Zap Junior High, Young Picasso, Hairy Scaries. The Client’s for these productions include BBC/COSGROVE HALL, ALPHANIM, CARTOON NETWORK and ITV.

I have recorded several episodes of the Wonder Pets for Little Airplane Productions, and currently home record corporate prompts for an on hold company and provide voices for English speaking exams abroad.

Other experience includes leading roles in major musicals such as Les Miserables, Oliver, Rocky Horror Show, Annie, Hot Stuff, Grease, Hair, James and the Giant Peach, A Slice of Saturday Night, Rock Hard, Viva Espana and The Beggars Opera. TV and Film include Goldeneye, Revolution, Joint Account, The Bill, Keeping Mum and Strange But True.


Highly established and accomplished singer. Experience in recording demos of musicals, theme songs for cartoons, jingles and general session work.