I love doing voice over work. I love the process of getting a brilliant final product.I've got a Classic English Voice- strong, authoritative and warm. Think BBC World Service and you're on the right track. It''s a strong radio voice. I can give you compelling corporates, powerful podcasts and if you want to be terrified out of your wits then listen to some of my work on
Pseudopod.com - a horror fiction website which is one of the largest genre fiction markets on the internet with 10K+ listeners.


I spent thirty years teaching English and drama, directing 18 school Shakespeare productions, and 3 musicals. learning how to bring out both the meaning and the emotional impact behind the text.

For ten years I hosted " Book Week" - a 15.00 book review for Manx Radio, commenting on everything from airport fiction to Margaret Atwood.

For the last fifteen years,I have worked as a Ghost Tour Guide in York, the most haunted city in Europe. Every night, I lead visitors around the inner city, holding the audience with nothing but my voice and the dark, bloody history of the city.

I trained as a voice artist at the Voiceover Gallery in Manchester.


Recent work

EWP Flood Protection (corporate)

Manx 2 (corporate)

Pseudopod Horror podcast - regular voice talent

Midlands Chamber of Commerce ( Voice of God announcer)

National Safety conference ( announcer)

English/Spanish language course ( resident voiceover talent)

Audio book- " The Forgetting Wood"

Promo spot for Flash Frame Productions ( regular voice)

Corporate for Red 36o

English/Spanish language course.

BBC Radio York historical piece

Via San Giacomo,

Cast Of Wonders Y/A production

English voice for N American production


I have a good ear for different voices - vital in an audio book; good timing for comedy and an instinct for bringing both the meaning and the emotion out of any piece of text.