My voice fits the characters between 25 to 45 years old. It's flexible for narrating and voicing the hosts in documentaries, animation characters, commercials and dubbing movies. However, I have usually been hired as a narrator on scientific, cultural, sports and entertainment documentaries, as well as e-learning, audio-books and phone messages. In comparison with vocal ranges in music, it's baritone bass.


- Iran TV and Radio Dubbing Department 1999-2000
- Member of Iranian Voice-Actors and Dubbing Directors 2000- Present
- Dubbing director and instructor 2008 - Present ( English and Persian )


Iran TV and Radio:
- Narrating documentaries 1998- Present ( English and Persian)
- Voicing TV commercials 2004 - Present ( English and Persian )
- Voicing animations ( 2000- Present ) ( Persian)

United Nations:
- Narrating documentaries 2005- Present ( English and Persian)
- Narrating UNDP, UNFPA and UNODC documentaries for wildlife protection, AIDS, Population, and Social Skills in Youths in (English)

LG Electronics:
- TV Commercials

International Science Congresses
- Master of Ceremony


1- Amateur Singing