My voice is warm and expressive, welcoming and authoritative, melodic and flexible, never intrusive, always articulate and accurate - it works well across a range of work from commercials to documentary narration, from on hold messaging to audio books. Since recording my first voice over at the age of fourteen, I have spent almost all of my working life either on stage, or in a television or recording studio, speaking other peoples' words and bringing them to life. I am used to working to tight deadlines and to recording accurately and to time. I have a fast turn around time and a well equipped and isolated home studio. I am an experienced actor, script writer, producer and director and with my extensive experience and background, I bring added value to any project that I work on ... bringing more to the mic than just my vocal skills.


Guildhall School of Music and Drama - 2 years full time - Acting and Voice training
Microphone Technique and Radio Acting. Rowland Hill at GSM&D.
Voice training. John Holgate at GSM&D
In Vision and Voice over television presentation training - Peter Wheeler Granada Television
Cutting Edge Narration. Pat Fraley


'The Hellions of Havisham Hall' 3 Part Regency Romance series by Lorraine Heath. Book 1 ‘Falling Into Bed With a Duke’ Book 2 'The Earl Takes All' Book 3 'The Viscount and The Vixen' Published by Harper Media (completed November 2016)
'The Canary Girls' by Rosie Archer - Wartime fiction - for Quercus - September 2016
'The Gunpowder and Glory Girls' by Rosie Archer - Wartime fiction - for Quercus - September 2016
'The Safest Place in London' by Maggie Joel - Wartime fiction - for Quercus - August 2016
'Owl Song At Dawn' by Emma Claire Sweeney - Contemporary Literary fiction. For Rosa Audio - July 2016
'The House on Bellevue Gardens' by Rachel Hoar - Contemporary fiction. For Wholestory Audiobooks - June 2016
'A Want of Kindness - A History of Queen Anne' Historical Novel by Joanne Limburg for Lamplight Audio February 2016
'Adopting Sarajevo' - Contemporary short novel by Alexandra Marshall - December 2015
'Love Hunt 1' & 'Love Hunt 2' by Ruby Allure - chick lit. Self produced for ACX - August 2015
'To Be a Woman: The life of Jill Craigie' Political / Historical Biography by Carl Rollyson – July 2015
'Money Farm' by Ruby Allure - Contemporary Fiction - July 2015
'The Paris Lawyer' by Sylvie Granotier - Psychological Thriller – April 2015
'Scandalous Gentlemen of St James’. A 3 Part Romantic Fiction Series by Lorraine Heath, Book 1 'When the Duke Was Wicked' Book 2 ‘Once More My Darling Rogue' Book 3 - The Duke and The Lady in Red' Published by Harper Media
A Regency Charade' by Elizabeth Mansfield - Romantic Fiction - for Audible US -March 2015
'When I was Otherwise' by Stephen Benatar - Character based fiction - For Audible US - February 2015
'Spero' by Ursula Westmacott - Non-fiction / Memoir - For Audible US - January 2015
'Bosnian Chronicle' by Ivo Andrić - Historical fiction - For Audible US - December 2014
'The Lodger' by Louisa Treger - Contemporary literary fiction - For Audible US - October 2014
'Sanditon' by Jane Austen & Juliette Shapiro - Classic fiction - For Audible US - May 2014
'The Obsidian Tower' by Freda Warrington - Fantasy fiction; 'The Jewelfire Trilogy' Book 3 - For Audible UK April 2014
'The Sapphire Throne' by Freda Warrington - Fantasy fiction: 'The Jewelfire Trilogy' Book 2 - For Audible UK March 2014
'The Amber Citadel' by Freda Warrington - Fantasy fiction; 'The Jewelfire Trilogy' Book 1 - For Audible UK March 2014
'A Gentleman Till Midnight' by Alison deLaine - Romantic fiction - For Audible US Published 2014
'The Books of Blood Volume 4' - 'Down Satan' by Clive Barker - Horror fiction - For Audible US Published 2013
'The Marriage Wager' by Jane Ashford - Romantic fiction - For Audible US Published 2013
'Visionary Mountains' by Jesse Craignou - Short stories - For ACX via Push Play Audio - Published 2013
'Keeping me Company' by Jesse Craignou - Short stories - For ACX via Push Play Audio - Published 2013
'Bath' by Edith Sitwell - History - for 20/20 Audio / Audible UK - Published 2013
'The Queens and The Hive' by Edith Sitwell - Historical Novel - For Audible UK - Published 2013
'Taken Care Of' by Edith Sitwell - Autobiography - For Audible UK - Published 2013
'In the Garden of Temptation' by Cynthia Wicklund - For ACX via Push Play Audio- December 2012

‘Velawoods’ – Language learning App (playing Sue) - Pitstop Productions for Velawoods English
‘Citroën’ online commercial – Character Voice for Lilou Voice Productions (Paris)
‘Dear Daisy’ – Internet animation VO for Two Bad Mice Ltd
'Christmas Bear' Grandma - Animatronic character voice - for Pitstop Productions
‘Glenhill Torrent’ – Corporate Film VO – for Libra Media
‘Thomas Cook Tours’ – e-learning film narration – for Cine Learning Productions
‘Hansons Estate Agents’ – Corporate Film VO – for Wisteria Films
Oxford Fertility Unit’ – e-learning film narration – for Oxyfire Productions
‘AGE UK’ Keep Warm Keep Well Animations – Multiple Character voices for Nutmeg Productions
Character Voices for AGE UK animation produced by Nutmeg Productions Ltd (Internet)
Corporate VO for Balfour Beatty Corporate Video (Marketing)
Character voice 'Mother' in 'Engaged' Animation (Internet)
Narrator - Marketing video for Peak Time Productions UK Ltd (Corporate)
Wilmott Dixon - Scripting and Voice over for corporate video (Internet)
Narrator 'The Kilgoris Project' Eye Dear Productions Australia (Short Film)
Narrator 'Duels of the Planes Walkers' for Stainless Games (Video Game)
IVR Telephony & On Hold - The Health Store (Telephony)
Series Narrator 'Baby Hospital' - ITV1 (Broadcast Television)
Narrator 'The Night the Bombs Went Off' - ITV1 (RTS Award Winner - Best Regional Programme 2002)
Series Narrator '30 Minutes' - ITV1
Series Narrator & Producer '50 Years of...' 2 Series - ITV (Houston Worldfest Special Jury Award Winner)
Narrator 'Mission Hospital' - ITV
Narrator 'The SAS' - ITV1
Series Narrator 'Sky Cops' - ITV1
Narrator 'Devoted to Daniel' - ITV1
Narrator 'Blown Down' - ITV1
Narrator 'Under Siege'- ITV1
Series VO & Producer 'Top to Toe' 2 series - ITV1
Narrator 'Sporting Heroes' ITV On-digital
Narrator 'The Shropshire Triangle' Independent Short film (Multi platform)

Clients include
Two Bad Mice; Lilou Voice (Paris); Wisteria Media; Libra Media; Age UK; Ward Wessell Films; Pitstop Productions; The Kilgoris Project (US); Eye'Dear Productions (Australia); Magic Pictures (US); Peaktime Productions; Stainless Games; PHS; The Health Store; British Gas; Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB); British Racing Television; Charles Heitzig Champagne; Line Productions; Texas Homecare; Alcohol Concern; Heart of England Building Society; John Shannahan Associates; Marion Turley Dance Academy; Derby Playhouse; Museum of the Moving Image; Volunteer Reading Help.


Flexible and expressive voice
Accurate sight reading
Modern British RP ('Oxford'/ 'BBC' English)
British regional accents
Audio book narration and production
A wide range of character voices
Good microphone technique
Acting / voice acting, multiple characters
Medical terminology
Experienced producer, director and editor.
Responsive to direction