Erin’s not your average gal. You could say she’s pretty far left of ordinary, hovering somewhere in the refreshingly unconventional realm. Erin gets around. If she’s not zooming off in an RV to camp in a state park or Walmart parking lot, she’s hopping on a plane to some warm destination to dig her toes in the sand. She craves adventure and finds a great deal of it behind the mic. From the variety of scripts and characters she reads, to all the cool studios she gets to visit, she makes sure that adventure follows her voice, wherever she goes!


My training that pertains to acting/voice acting began in the theater department in college. Since then, I've had extensive on-camera coaching including Meisner training with acting coach Sandra Peabody in Portland, Oregon. I've taken several on-camera acting workshops with Shelly Lipkin, also a Portland, OR actor and acting coach.

I've also trained with the "voice whisperer" Marice Tobias, Susan Berkely, Harlan Hogan, Tom Chantler, Mercedes Rose, Mary Lynn Wissner and Leslie Jane of Inside Voice. And to top it all off, I've attended two Faffcons.


After moving to Portland in 2004, I took an internship at renowned voice talent agency, In Both Ears, where I gained invaluable knowledge of the voice-over industry. Since then, I've done a multitude of commercial and non-broadcast work for clients such as Nike, Symantec, Panasonic, Avon, Tufts University, Oregon Lottery, AAA, Fred Meyer, Southwest Vacations, Microsoft and Techcraft Manufacturing, to name just a few. I've also done voice acting for video games and, my new love, animation.


For narration and other non-broadcast presentations my voice is the right amount of friendly with a smooth, informative and professional edge. I'm often chosen for internal corporate videos because my voice is professional, yet quite relatable and non-intimidating.

For TV and radio commercials I'm fun, believable and can turn the flirt on when I need it. My voice has just the right amount of grit to add flavor to commercial spots.

In other arenas like animation and video games, I'm fearless at trying on new characters. I can also convey just the right amount of kindness and understanding for voice mail systems and website promos.

I'm always willing to try something new.