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  • Alex Keller

    Keller, Alex

    Warm, Believable, Energetic, Confident, Upbeat
  • Lisa Troch

    Troch, Lisa

    soothing, sensual, versatile, endless possibilities
  • Jaime Randall

    Randall, Jaime

    Girl-next-door, quirky, genuine, informative, emotive, clear
  • Rick Hord

    Hord, Rick

    Competent & Confident, no fatigue listening to this voice
  • Mike Michika

    Michika, Mike

    Casual, amusing, pleasant, hip, young-sounding American male.
  • Scott Chambers

    Chambers, Scott

    Friendly, warm, upbeat, clear, sincere, believable guy next door
  • Leif Anders

    Anders, Leif

    US national VO Talent - Narrator for Obama and more
  • Luis Eduardo Moreno

    Moreno, Luis Eduardo

    Profesional, Juvenil, Institucional e Intencional.
  • Debra Hall

    Hall, Debra

    Smooth, sexy, crisp and clear characters
  • Brigid Reale

    Reale, Brigid

    Brigid has the Reale Voice for your every business need!