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  • Juliette Gray

    Gray, Juliette

    British-Global Mid-Atlantic - Transatlantic American Voice Talent
  • Jeff Schell

    Schell, Jeff

    Pleasant voice, smooth, with a slightly crunchy timbre.
  • Sheree Wichard

    Wichard, Sheree

    My voice is rich, warm and conversational...with an edge.
  • Avatar

    Beck, Carson

    The guy next door with really rich character.
  • Peter Hartlapp

    Hartlapp, Peter

    Du magst es sonor, seriös, glaubwürdig? Ich bin Dein Mann.
  • Jonathan Guss

    Guss, Jonathan

    Rich, warm, flexible bass voice; ideal: technical, games, plays
  • Avatar

    McCoy, Bob

    Male Voice Over Actor with clean, trustworthy, proven voice.
  • Matilda Novak

    Novak, Matilda

    Versatile Voice, all manner of delivery style, voice age, accent
  • Sarah Mcavenna

    Mcavenna, Sarah

    Australian female neutral accent warm friendly voice talent
  • Steven Mountjoy

    Mountjoy, Steven

    converstional, friendly, upbeat, announcer, guy next door