I would consider my voice to be very versatile, flexible and expansive in nature. For example; melodic for jingles. Warm, deep and smooth for narrations and documentaries. Lively, upbeat, excited, energetic, motivating, soft and sultry for commercials. Knowledgeable and professional for presentations and infomercials. Fun, loud, aggressive, expressive, compassionate, authoritative, coy, variant and versatile for cartoons and game characters. I am a trained, experienced method actor and character specialist.

The following are some of my accents & characterisations: Well spoken English, British, Traditional G'day Australian, Well Spoken/Formal Australian Accent, Asian English Accent, Euro English Accent, English Italian Accent. I also can play varied characters such as: Mystical/witch like, game show host, story teller, professional business woman, secretary/receptionist, bright happy go lucky as well as both comical and serious personalities. I like to see myself as varied, innovative, creative and flexible in my approach and can design, create and adapt my voice to suit different accent techniques and characterisations, be it a specific individualistic character, animal character, animation or cartoon character.

Spoken Languages: Northern Italian Dialect, Italian, English Australian.


1978 – 1982: Private Classical Singing Tuition (Bel Canto Technique) with Victoria State Opera Member Fiona Petrie.

1984: Trained with & worked in Voice-over’s & Radio Announcing for Radio station 3BBB in Australia.

1986 – 1988: Private Contemporary Singing Tuition & Live Voice Performances with Venetta Fields (who was ex- back-up singer for Tina Turner, John Farnham & Boz Scaggs).

1990: Acting/Drama studies; Movement & Presentation for singers syllabus. Graduate of The National Theatre Drama School.

1991-1996: ANZCA (Australian & New Zealand Cultural Arts), Singing & Voice Syllabus, Melbourne, Australia.

1991-1997: Drama & Voice Workshops; (Method/Stanislavski Acting Techniques) with Marcia Haufrecht of the “Lee Strasburg Institute”. Marcia has worked with many accomplished method actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Shelley Winters.

1991-1998: VMTA Associate Member. (Victorian Music Teachers Association Australia).

1991-1998: Trinity Voice Speech & Drama Syllabus with Private Trinity Tutor Jean Branigan, Melbourne,
Australia. Also studied Alexandrian Relaxation Therapy Techniques for Performers with Jean Branigan 1-1 private tuition.


I have had over 20 years extensive experience as a professional singer/ song writer, recording and voice–over artist. Having toured and worked with many well known and established artists and musicians both in Australia and in the UK, I have worked as a professional singer in the capacity of live bands as both lead singer and backing vocalist and as a studio recording and voice over artist in various studios around the globe.

My credits include:
Professional singing and recording artist, Studio session jingles & commercials for radio and TV ( spoken word and singing), Spokesperson and live announcer, In-house voice-over artist for the amusement and online casino game industries, Voice over artist for PC & console games specialising in both narration and character voice work. I specialise in English speaking voice overs primarily but I have also undertaken and conducted voice over projects in foreign languages such as Italian and Spanish. Additionally, in connection with the voice-over industry I have offered my services as a script proofreader, foreign language (Italian to English)translator and voice over artist.


I am a partner of Proworks-Audio Recording Studio which includes the following equipment: A Behringer MX9000 Mixing Console, M Audio Delta 1010 to PC 24 bit to 96 khz Digital Recording System, Alesis 3630 Comp/Limiters, Mackie HR624mk2 Studio Monitors, SE Electronics Microphones SE 2200a, M Audio Ozone, Pro Tools M Power 7.1, Reason 3, Sony Sound forge 9.

My additional skills include the following: Script Writing, Proof Reading and Copy Editing, Foreign Language Translations (Italian and English), Singing, Method Acting, Singing Coaching and Voice/Voice-over tutor. I am also joint partner of my own recording studio where I assist in studio sound design and audio production.