I have a gift for being versatile thanks to my voice range.My favorite jobs are commercials, dubbing cartoons and documentaries, I love my job and thanks because I can say, I do this for living. The 80% of my job is in spanish, I have my accent in english, but some times the producers like it.


In Venezuela the country that I coming from in 1994, I went to a several workshop for announcers. orators, and acting.


I have been working with my voice since 1998, I started dubbing cartoons and series for MTV, Cinemax, Showtime and HBO.
So far I have more than 1,500.00 commercials for radio and TV. At the moment I'm the EWTN voice in spanish, Miami Herald, La Coste, and Discovery used my voice for the spanish market in several promos every month.


Beside been a voice talent, I act on camera, I do stand up comedy, plays, and do coaching for people who wants to become and voice talent.