I love to sell stuff with my voice and my northern twang gives me a great voice for jobs that need a trusty, reliable character. I'm great at AudioBooks, especially modern fiction that's set in England or the US - my NorCal is pretty excellent! Instructions or Elearning? No problem - I teach a lot so I'm great at explaining details to people - however complicated they might be. Also - I love bit of drama and have voiced characters in video games too.


I'm a trained British actor and spent three years as a university student in London. I graduated with honours in Drama. In addition, I've trained with BeeAudio on the Home Studio Certification Course so I'm a fully trained audiobook producer too meaning I can record, edit and master all jobs from my home!


BBC Radio 4 was a highlight of my career so far and my voice work on the 'Poetry Please' programme with celebrated Liverpudlian poet, Roger McGough was broadcast over a three week period. I have a number of audiobooks published on Audible through BeeAudio, including 'The Graces' by Laure Eve, 'Shifters of Draglin' by Kase Marshall and 'Twin Dilemma' by Izzy Hunter. My latest audiobook, 'The Gardens: Witches of Tuscany Book One' is due to be released in April 2018.


I have an SE 2200 mic, Mtrack interface and Adobe Audition software. I have a great singing voice plus I speak French!