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  • Lily Pan

    Pan, Lily

    Smooth, elegant, soft, warm, sweet, friendly and more...
  • Chinesisch Sprecher Wu

    Wu, Chinesisch Sprecher

    Chinesisch Sprecher, Sprecherin, Mandarin Sprecher, Cantonese,
  • Rui Ling Hu

    Hu, Rui Ling

    Elegant,sexy,authoritative,professional. My voice, your choice!
  • Sally Du

    Du, Sally

    Female Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese Voice Talents
  • Simone Young

    Young, Simone

    Young, Professional, beautiful, pure, elegant,
  • Zhenyu Tan

    Tan, Zhenyu

    Warm, bright, authoritative, smooth, professional Chinese VO
  • Jinran Cui

    Cui, Jinran

    Best Voice in Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Davie Feng

    Feng, Davie

    Good voice for you!
  • Wendy Wang

    Wang, Wendy

    Wendy is the female Mandarin voice for all your Chinese messages
  • Avatar

    Liu, Jianfeng

    Excellent Native Asian Languages in Professional Studio