Elevate your reach to the world with the luxurious tones of Balazs Pusztahazi. His name alone stands out as a world traveller. His culture and experience bring a refinement that no one can match. Diversity, multilingual, soothing, sultry, alluring, cultured, educated, natural and a voice that just commands attention. These descriptions only touch the surface. Balazs has a personality that stands out just by saying 'hello'.

Specializing in luxury products, travel and European brands, Balazs has expanded his range to the North American market. Growing up in a demanding diplomatic environment Balazs brings a unique twist of culture and experience that can clearly be heard the moment he hits the microphone. With his extensive training, passion and dedication, you will get a one of a kind performance for any given project.

If you want to make an impact on your audience, make them remember your brand or company, then consider the incredible tones of Balazs Pusztahazi


Training with Edge Studio in New York
Private coaching with David Guzzone, Marjorie Kouns, Kristine Price , Deb Munroe


client list includes :
ONCE digital arts Ltd
David ciemny