Zane VanWicklyn

Zane VanWicklyn

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"A professional teenage voice actor with many vocal capabilities."

Zane VanWicklyn is a teenage voice actor who enjoys creating the voices, accents and character traits essential in great storytelling.  He is proficient in editing using Adobe Suite and has mastered a number of finished audiobooks, and dubbed his first feature film.  His goal while narrating is to bring life to the characters and to become the voice the author or director imagined.

Andreas Frei -
"Would I find the right voice for our film translation project? I really was in doubt. Then I found Zane. His voice fit perfectly to the original character. He really surprised me with his professional attitude, ease of communication and speed of work. He certainly has a bright future in the voice actor business.  We will keep in touch."

Jessica Moat -
"Working with Zane was exactly how an author wants to deal with a narrator. I've used seven narrators in my short history as an author. Zane was prompt with replying, rapid with his production, and required zero hand-holding. I unleashed him on my project and with gusto he tirelessly produced a quality product in a short amount of time.... Fret not. If you utilize Zane as your narrator, you can do so knowing he is the right producer for the job. Will I use Zane again? I certainly will."

Lauren M. Deville -
"Zane was a delight to work with. Very professional, VERY fast and efficient, and the work he produces is exactly what I had in mind! I would absolutely recommend him!"

Dawn Music -
"If you are ever in the market for a voice over expert, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Zane! He delivers Fast, and Flawlessly. He is a must on your short list of auditions. GIVE ZANE A CALL! THANK YOU ZANE!!"

Brian Knight - 
"...You're a great reader, and almost as important, your recording was high quality. If you're doing this good of work at your age, I can only imagine how much you'll continue to improve. Your work is impressive. Keep it up..."

James Blackwood - 
"...You are very talented and have a bright future ahead of you in voice acting/narration..."

Ben McQueeney -
"...Let me say that it sounded well done and professional. You even did well with the made-up words that I created. Overall it was great quality..."


In schools, and professional teachings.


I have worked for companies such as ACX and Audible, and have narrated many audiobooks. “Hey Arnold!” Video Game Producers, Amazon Sponsorship Coordinators and more are among my client list.


I can sing, add music, master audio, add sounds/music, special effects, and do many different character voices of different speeds and pitches. Among my accents are General-British, General-American, General-Australian, USA-Southern, USA-Western, USA-NY, General-French and French-Parisian.