Zaine Kellman

Zaine Kellman

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"UK & US Bright, Youthful, Warm Voice"

I have been a voice over artist for three years, and have collaborated on many projects during that time. Due to the range of my voice, I specialise in teen to young adult male characters, and I can engage with younger audiences because of this. I live in England, and can produce a range of English accents such as RP, Luton, and South London, as well as a Standard American accent. My voice can sound excitable, engaging, and informative, or light, husky, and calm.


My Performing Arts course included a segment on voiceover, and I have also followed a multitude of online classes.


I have lent my voice to a Pokémon commercial, games such as Rising Saga: Origins and The Seven Chambers, and have been a part of plethora of online videos for, Sophi Lou and others. My voice has also been used by clients for internal corporate videos, as well as e-learning, particularly for young children.


I own a Sennheiser MKH416 microphone, and edit my recordings using Adobe Audition.