Xiao Zhen Xue

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"experienced unique cute upbeat Mandarin Taiwanese"
Xiao Zhen Xue

My voice is quite unique sounding. I can hardly describe it in words. It has landed me quite a few--well actually quite a lot!-- of recording cases. For commercials, it's full of energy, happy and convincing. It's clear. I have good pronunciation. With 10+ years of experience, I have recorded about every kind of case. My range is broad, so please send over your script and I'll be happy to demo it for you!

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, I am a TRUE native speaker. I've lived in Taiwan for my entire life and of course speak Chinese and Taiwanese on a daily basis. You can rest assured that your script will be spoken correctly.

I can also provide Mandarin/Taiwanese Male voice over talent if you need it. I have demos and rates ready to send you. Even if you do not use me for your project, I can still find a male to fit your needs.


At age 18, I passed a training course offered by Taiwan's KISS Radio and was allowed to enter their 'seed' program for further training. Later I was privately taught how to DJ and Voice Over by one of Taiwan's top voice over talents. When I turned 20, I had my own show on Taiwan's Touch Radio, where I was allowed to polish my vocal skills. Beyond that, my training stems from my experience; constant instruction from studio owners and sound engineers have helped hone my talent.


I began my career as an on-air DJ for Kaohsiung, Taiwan's "Touch Radio". I performed voice over commercials and jingles for the station. Over the following 10 years I recorded at all major and many minor studios throughout Kaohsiung. I have experience recording almost every type of recording case: Radio/TV commercial, business presentations, video games, audio books, etc.

Averaging 20 cases per month over 10+ years puts me well over 2000 cases in my career. I'm trying to create a list of all my past major customers, so please excuse me for not listing them here now. I will add them when/if I ever get some time!

In addition I have experience as an on-stage announcer for cases ranging from concerts and sporting events to product launches and award ceremonies.


I offer male and female mandarin voice over talent. Please contact me for their demos and prices.