William Turner

Member for 4 years
"How can I help make your production as smooth as possible?"

Having a great voice is a great start, but that's not enough. With almost a decade of dealing with video/audio productions, I understand how to capture the best sound recordings, whether using lapel mics, dynamics condenser or shotgun microphones.
I am also technically proficient, in editing and audio post-production.


Actor (Masterclasses from Dee Cannon, numerous online masterclasses from both Hollywood and theatre actors, via Masterclass.com)
Technical (Mac/PC, Adobe CC, iZoptope RX, Waves Plugins)


Voice Acting (Over 2 years as professional voice actor.)


Copywriter (Winning copy for InFocus & Yahoo!)
YouTube Partner since 2011 (Social Media)
Post-Production, from editing to SFX and mixing with music