William de Coverly

William de Coverly

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"A deep, strong, confident voice with a reassuringly warm quality"

My voice has been described by other VO artists as 'Deep, Assured, Strong, Confident & Relaxed'

My voice lends itself well to many forms of voice work i.e car ads, aftershave commercials, up-beat London 'bloke-next-door' ads for your local gym, professional company websites and explainer videos, narrative reads and storytelling. I am always interested to hear where others think my voice sits in the world of VO.

My Commercial and Corporate reels demonstrate a real variety of style and tone. My Commercial reel shows great diversity; a 'boy next door' light and playful vocal alongside a deep and mellow 'chilled' example, which then contrasts with an RP, verbose, Sergeant Major styled commercial for Marmite!

My Corporate reel demonstrates the deeper, more informative side of my voice, whilst still maintaining a warmth and openness.


LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) : BA Professional Acting (included training for radio and extensive voice and mic technique for VO work)
6-week Voiceover Kickstart programme with Guy Michaels (Experienced VO Artist & Demo Producer)
Exeter University : BA Drama (3-year Actor & Voice training)


I am a professional actor and new-starter to the Voice over Industry but have spent many years as an theatre/television/film actor, where the richness and strength of my voice has often been commented on by audiences and industry professionals alike. I am often told that I have a 'great voice for VO' and am so excited by what this terrific industry may have to offer me and, more importantly, me offer it!


I keep myself active and in shape, and also practice meditation and mindfulness which are invaluable with regards to breath control and extending lung capacity, which, in turn, are obviously crucial for a strong supported and connected Voice, both speaking and singing and are part of my vocal warm-up (learnt whilst at LAMDA & practiced regularly.