Will Marney

Will Marney

Member for 8 years
"Cool, Conversational, Matey, UK/London"

When you hire me to record your voiceover you get a 5 star customer service that I ensure all my clients receive, whether you hire me privately or via Bodalgo.

Once I have received the final copy for recording, I will ask you about the style you want the copy read in, and if I have auditioned for you already, if you want any changes made to the audition style.
I will then record for you, and send you the file, you can then come back to me with any changes you might want, and I will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want in the read of your copy.

I will always endeavour to turn your work around as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of your recording.

Previous clients have always been very happy with the service I provide and I pride myself on being able to deliver exactly what my clients want in a professional and timely manner with the minimum amount of fuss.

I am also available to travel to a different studio if required, I have done this for previous clients and I will ensure that this is arranged with you to your specifications.


I have been working in the Voiceover business for over a year and have been heard on many different platforms, including UK National Television Adverts, Cartoons, Video Games and also on a number of Corporate videos.

I also have over a year's experience working with one of London's Top Voice Coaches where I have learnt to control my voice, give accurate and effective reads of different styles of copy.

Prior to joining the Voiceover business, I worked as a professional singer for 10 years, and have spent much of my life working in recording studios around the UK including recording at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, London.


Recent Projects include;

- Pernod
- Expert Market
- Celebrity Cruises
- Monitor (Video Game)
- TactiClicks (Corporate)
- Internal advert for Tenax
- Second Animation for Kinder (Hippo Lake)
- UK TV Advert for Soleve Sun Care Lotion.
- Animation for Kinder which involved a Narrative/Storyteller role for young children.

I have recorded my current showreels with one of London's best VO Coaches after having some additional coaching from him. This has ensured that I am able to work to a professional standard.


I have worked as a professional singer for a number of years, so I have a lot of experience working in recording studios. This has given me plenty of mic time and allowed me to understand the way modern studios work.
It has also ensured that I have a very full understanding of the way the voice works and I am fully able to work with clients to ensure that they get the voice that they are looking for.