Traci Adair Johnson

Traci Adair Johnson

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""Making your message come to life!""

As your voice over artist I look forward to becoming your professional partner. I will take your message, and with passion and conviction, share it with your audience as if it was my own, personal message to share.

My narrative and commercial sounds are perfect for a number of demographics:
e-learning, website narration, toys, education, early-youth products, character, teenage youth, college age, young trendy adult, young mom, radio (classic rock, classic hits, top forty, country, lite FM, Christian)

My wide variety of vocal deliveries:
conversational, friendly, warm, bubbly, smooth, compassionate, motherly, high-energy, smile, youthful, playful, character, trendy, cutting-edge, corporate, precise, dreamy, serious, mature, professional, comforting, trustworthy


From my youthful days of dance and tumbling classes to starring roles in my school plays, professional training at a conservatory in New York City, and vocal training at Edge Studio NYC, performance, creativity and continuing my education have always been the backbone of my life.

Having completed my Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Communications, I not only understand the fundamentals of communication, but am passionate about the varied ideology of it as well. It is just as important to me to understand the purpose of your message as it is to know its tone and delivery style.


I have professional experience in theatre, film, television, radio and, my most passionate expression, voice over.

Being a voice over artist means more than reading words from a script. Being your female voice over talent means I get to create a character and provide a delivery that shares an important message with your audience. It is a job I do not take lightly, as I understand the importance of what it is I do... effectively sharing your message is what it is all about. I will take your message, and with passion and conviction, share it with your audience as if it was my own, personal message to share.

Having worked for a variety of clients ranging from radio imaging to website how-to's, I know from experience that there is not cookie-cutter niche that vocal work fits in to. Each client is unique and deserves to have a thoughtful, caring approach taken toward the delivery of their message.

Some past clients: Pamal Broadcasting, Brand Russo, Goodwill Church, Edge Studio, Media Harvest Studio, The Food Network, The Sound of Life, Palladium Science Academy, Owen Law Firm, Gas Money Productions, Sky Sky Media.


My passion doesn't just come from an artistic place, but from a business mindset as well. Having spent time on the entrepreneurial side of the fence, I care about the importance of business communications and marketing. I understand that paying customers are not the only people who may need to hear your message.

Voice over provides a unique, creative medium where all of my passions collide. Through this expression, I am able to provide a service to you, no matter who you are. It is my delight to work hard for you and I truly look forward to becoming your professional partner.