Toni Jean Erasmus

Toni Jean Erasmus

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"From characters to corporate I can be whoever you want me to be"

I have extensive training and experience in theatre, musical theatre, film, television and voice over. I have been working in studios in South Africa doing dubbing, animation, gaming and corporate voice over for four years and in the last year I have built my own home studio and have been accepting work from home. I have been obsessed with animation voice work from a young age and while I focused my training on theatre and acting I have always practiced voices, tones, characters and styles, researching professionals in the industry and honing my craft. In the last four years the majority of my acting work in South Africa has been through voice over and dubbing allowing me to play, test out voices and really find the techniques that I now use to create believable characters and performances.


I have a National Diploma from Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa and a Trinity Guildhall Diploma from London in musical theatre. This has given me the acting, music and vocal strength and training that helps my VO career. I also have an Honours Degree in English Literature and Film Studies from Brunel University in London which has been instrumental in my understanding of language, film techniques and film style which have helped me in my interpretations especially when dubbing existing work and understanding my part in the bigger picture. I have been working as a professional actress for the last ten years and on moving to Cape Town four years ago have been working consistently in the voice over business. My acting and voice training coupled with my on the job training culminating to thousands of hours in the booth perfecting my techniques and understanding of the craft.


I work mainly through four of the main studios in Cape Town, Africa Audio Post, Content Lab, AEMG and Blended Audio. The bulk of my work is for two Indian Television channels, ZWorld and Star Plus doing the English dub for all of their content including long running TV shows and big budget Bollywood movies. Throughout my time we have also been used to dub Chinese Television, Animation and Film as well as titles from Turkey, Iran, Colombia. Some that I am most proud of are dubbing the young child character Amyra in the ongoing Indain series Kulfi the Singing Star and especially the upcoming dub of the phenomenal Chinese series Advisors Alliance as the character Guo Zhao. I have also had the opportunity to voice small character for local Indi game designers and lent my voice for some corporate narration including lending my singing voice to two different characters on a recent Mr Clean advert.


I am a singer, music theatre trained, Mezzo Soprano with a big mix belt. I am really good with kids and cartoon voices but naturally have a lower smoother tone. I also happen to be a very convincing parrot when it comes to voice matching thanks to my singing training, finding placement and pitch quite easily.