Tom Patrick

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"The familiar voice of all your gadgets"

I’m one of the most widely heard voices in the United States. The unique yet familiar voice inside your iPhone as the Voiceover function, your Garmin GPS and your Amazon Kindle. The phone voice heard by millions of people who call CVS, Dish, Bank of America and many others. With over 20 years of full-time VO work, I’m best know for my acting versatility and range...from deep, cool and tough commercial work to friendly, helpful IVR work to informative, engaging corporate and tutorial work. I was one of the first voice talents in the U.S. to usher in the era of casual and conversational voice work as opposed to straight announcer type reads. As Blade Kotelly of Nuance phrased it to The Boston Globe in a feature article they did on me “Tom has a genuine quality you don’t find with many voice talents. He’s smart. And that goes a long way with voice talent. He has to interpret the content as if he had that thought himself.”


Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Connecticut School of Broadcasting
11 Years as a News Reporter and Traffic Reporter for many of Boston’s top radio stations
Over 20 years as a full-time Voice Talent


The male voice of Siri at Apple’s keynote address
Phone voice of CVS, Dish, Bank of America, Tracfone among many others. Heard by millions of callers everyday.
Text to Speech voice of iPhone VoiceOver, Amazon Kindle, Garmin GPS, National Weather Service, Phoenix Airport and many more.
The commercial voice for Comcast and many others while living in Boston.


I’m a longtime singer, songwriter and musician, although I typically keep them separate from my VO career.