Tim MIller

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"My voice is gravely, but targeted and controlled. ;)"

I am very conscious of my timing and follow punctuation well. Ever listen to someone read The Bible? Most of the time people read The Bible, they ignore punctuation....not good. Punctuation is there for a reason, it is a guide to the intended spoken Word. Being careful also to listen to your input on how you would like your copy read. Following directions is not a problem, very expected in this business! Let's work together in making the very BEST of your Brand. Thanks! Tim Miller VoiceOvers


Years ago, (20 something) I was in radio for a short time, enjoyed it, but it was not paying the bills. My voice developed through the years, and now the timing is right to use that voice for your Brand. I have been encouraged to use my voice by many people, so I gave it a go. I have done some voiceover projects to date, looking to solidify in the business even more.

I trust you will like what you hear, let's connect! Tim Miller VoiceOvers


I mainly have done work for Explainer videos and corporate answering machines. Let's build my base....together! Tim Miller


I use Audacity for my mixing and production, more than ready to start your project soon! Tim Miller VoiceOvers