Thomas Machin

Thomas Machin

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"A Voice Where Imagination and Reality Meet!"

A great product or service requires great imagination and talent to create and be marketable. I can take that imagination and talent, mix it with my own and bring it together to meet with the reality of sales. An honest sound with character and believability that will bring your product, service or training to success!

I am located just outside Indianapolis, but can work from my studio to anywhere in the world. My studio is equipped with Reaper, Source Connect, ipDTL, Zoom, Bodalgo and Skype.

My mics are Sennheiser 416, CAD e100s and Rode NT1-A. My audio hardware chain consists of the RME FireFace UCX preamp, dbx 286s, Warm WA-2A Optical Compressor/Limiter fed back into the RME Fireface UCX Interface that can add any additional processing that might be needed. Any part of this hardware chain can be inserted at any part or totally bypassed depending upon your needs. iZotope RX6 Standard for processing or clean up is also available. I am happy to provide voice over auditions of your copy for your consideration using any combination of hardware/software required.

Everything is backed up to 5 places that are secure as well as redundantly protected!


I have bachelors degrees in Radio/TV and Marketing from Butler University and a masters in Electronic Engineering. I've worked in the audio field since 1981. Over the past 2 years, I've had instruction from Bill DeWees, Dave Fennoy and Earl Hall just to name a few. I firmly believe that there will be someone out there that can teach you something new that can make you a better professional.


I've voiced and produced hundreds of PSA's and commercials for radio and have recently begun doing audiobooks. I'm currently working on 4 separate book series. They are mainly character based comedies. I've done short Voiceovers for video productions and Web based programs.


I'm mainly focused on character building and creating unique voices that go with them.