Taryn Pontolillo

Member for 5 years
""Textured, warm, confident, edgy, friendly, and clear.""

I possess a great instinct for reading and engaging with the copy. The ability to see and resonate with the meaning/opinion of the script is a key part of what makes a read believable. My voice has rich texture, that gives an edge to my reads, while also being able to be clear, warm and confident. The natural quality of my voice is reinforced by its friendly, conversational and youthful sound. My vocal range is very versatile, and am able to portray females from 18-40. This versatility allows me to bring depth and maturity to my reads as well.


Ongoing voice acting training
- Marla Kirban


KeoKeN Interactive - Video Game Character(s)


I am very amenable to fit your schedule! I have quick turnaround time, and am committed to making sure you get the sound you're looking for.