Susan Decaussin

Susan Decaussin

Member for 8 years
"Articulate, professional, smooth delivery"

Susan delivers upbeat commercial spots, instructional pieces, narrative work, phone system messages, documentaries and business presentations to clients across the globe on a regular basis – and is always happy to work within your budget and timeline. Complex terminology is never a problem, as Susan has training in many different technical fields. She prides herself on turning around projects in a matter of minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks. This is her full-time profession, so she's always available for last minute revisions & updates, both now and into the future.


Susan has been an independent voiceover and commercial artist since 2003 and has 9 years of experience as an on-air talent in the Detroit radio & television market.

She has worked with some of the best studios, production companies and industry talents found in the Detroit Metro area. She also has worked as a radio anchor and producer for over 9 years at Westwood One and Clear Channel, which has given her a hands-on education that is second to none.


Susan's versatility has allowed her to deliver upbeat commercial spots (radio/television/internet) as well as instructional pieces (corporate training/internet courses), narrative work (documentaries/instructional pieces), hold button messages (IVR systems/automated phone solicitations) and business presentations (corporate events/sales/websites). Having over a decade of radio experience, Susan can deliver everything from a conversational read, to a news anchor delivery, and everything in between.


As an excellent wordsmith and proofreader, she has a strong grasp of the English language and is comfortable with the pronunciation of complex terminology, such as legal, medical and computer related scripts. Her instructional recordings, training modules and phone system projects are always in high demand.