Steve Ket

Steve Ket

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"Friendly Conversational Confident Authoritative Real Trusted"

I’m an award winning Voice actor and NPR Moth Story slamming teller of tall tales. Friendly, conversational, confident, authoritative voice for Autos, DRTV, Commercials, Web, Explainers, Infomercials, Casino, Hospitality, Medical, Narrations, Case Study, Presentations, and Podcast hosting. I offer lightning Fast turnaround!

We’ve lived in Dallas, Miami to Minneapolis but growing up in the midwest, married to a farmers daughter I haven’t lost my small town work ethic. On the other hand I've got a couple decades of life experiences I try to use in my reads, like Carrier landing on the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise, snorkeling with black tip sharks to having narrowly escaped being duct taped, naked and upside down to an AUTEC Island Palm tree by U.S. Special forces!

My Studio Bricks Booth is ISDN and Source Connect certified. I also travel with a studio matching portable setup so you'll never be with out last minute line changes and copy punches.
I promise to you, I will not rest until you are 100% happy with the voiceover audio you have entrusted me to create. I prides himself on prompt turnaround time, definitely within 2 to 24 hours, usually within hours.

I realize that sometimes you, the Voice-caster, Producer or Director may like the "sound" of a voice on a demo. But wonder how they will "sound" compared to the projects voice you hear in your head. That's why I also offer free coachable or directed auditions via Source Connect, Skype or Phone patch. Saving us both time. Also if you can share with me which clip or part of my demo you liked and "hear" your copy or project being read/delivered in the same manner that is VERY helpful!


I have trained with Mary Lynn Wissner, Thom Pinto and Marice Tobias and get regular voice coaching throughout the year.

I have worked as a Stand Up comic.

I enjoy writing and performing for NPR's Moth Story Slams. I especially enjoy reading to classrooms of children. There is no greater test of your talents than to see if you can capture and hold the attention of a 3rd grader.


I have worked via Skype with Studios from Paris to Brisbane. Session linked from Berlin to Dubai.

I believe that a life full of interesting experiences both good and bad provides a deep well to draw from. Mine includes but is not limited to, Carrier landing on the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise, snorkeling with black tip sharks to having narrowly escaped being duct taped, naked and upside down to an AUTEC Island Palm tree by U.S. Special forces!


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