Stephen James

Stephen James

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"Exquisite with an English "flavour""

Stephen originates from Birmingham, England, and is now based in Biloxi, MS, where his studio and office are located, and New Orleans, LA., where he works in-studio several days a week, both recording and coaching,

Stephen ran his own PR firm from 1987 to 2014 and, having been involved with occasional voice-over since the mid-70s, he decided to concentrate on his performing career in 1999, when he became a leading light in The Talent Pool in Las Vegas, as well as being an active member of the board of Media Guilds International.

With 40 years' experience of training professionals and working in voice-over acting and production, Stephen has become an award-winning coach, benefiting voice actors and actors alike, as well as corporate presenters. He also produces demos as well as directing and producing voice and other productions, including movies. He has also coached American actors in voice and, as a writer, he provides occasional consultancy to authors and movie producers, in particular, and by providing advice and guidance on "British-English" usage.


Stephen was trained initially by Hollywood soap-opera star Betty Lougaris and also studied Standard American English.
Now a voice-over actor and coach in his own right


Stephen James has developed a high reputation as an active member of New Orleans and region voice-over and performing community. He is founder and president of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation - for which he volunteers his expertise and much of his time - a non-profit organization providing educational resources for performers, actors and voice talent, and to use our talents in support of the community.

Stephen James Voice Actor has also worked on a number of voice productions, including the annual fundraiser/benefit for New Orleans and region - a radio-play on stage of the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life for which he has been producer, director, and voice actor (as Clarence and as Henry Potter) since its inception in 2009, and which has raised thousands of dollars for non-profits.

In 2010, Stephen founded NOVA:The New Orleans Voice Agency, believed to be the only specialist voice talent agency in New Orleans, and representing talent in all the Gulf states and Georgia. In 2012, Stephen launched what is now Stephen James Media Productions to produce audio-books and voice-over demos as well as directing and producing radio-plays, stage performances, and movies.
Current Activities

Founder, President, and Executive Director: The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation - a not-for-profit organization to provide affordable education, resources, and opportunities for performers and voice-over talent.

Producer, Director, and Performer: It's a Wonderful Life (The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation) - New Orleans annual benefit on-stage radio-play, December 2009 - present

Producer and Presenter: The Annual NVT Awards (The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation)

President: NOVA:The New Orleans Voice-over Agency

Founder/President: The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, New Orleans, LA.

Assistant Organizer: Louisiana and Mississippi Actors MeetUp Group, New Orleans, LA
Assistant Organizer: Baton Rouge Film, TV, Theater, and Music Industry MeetUp Group, Baton Rouge, LA.
Assistant Organizer: Louisiana Produces, New Orleans, LA.

Member: Louisiana Filmmakers MeetUp Group, Mandeville, LA.

Member of the Board of Governors: National Association of Non-profit Organizations & Executives (NANOE), Washington, DC.


Post-production (audio)
Providing both workshop and private coaching
Voice-over demo production
Audio-book direction and production
Radio-play coaching and production