Shannon Kitchen

Shannon Kitchen

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"Fun, Witty, Conversational. "Real Person Vibe"."

Shannon is that rare voice that is both cool and different while also being familiar and oddly comforting. Her natural flair for pacing and her bold voice engages the listener, drawing them in and keeping their attention. A talented and engaging saleswoman, she knows how to best sell a product or service while still keeping her sound friendly and relatable. And she knows how to provide knowledgeable and clear information in an interesting and conversational style.
Her conversational Girl Next Door style has been described as these tags:
Relatable, Personable, Friendly, Persuasive, Sassy, Fun, Playful, Energetic, Youthful, Perky, Witty, Conversational,, Girl Next Door, Enthusiastic, Happy, Natural, and Sincere.
Her naturally charismatic reads bring a "real person vibe" to commercials and narrations of all types.


Such A Voice (Voice Over Training and Demo Production)
One on one voice technique training, marketing training

Ongoing attendance at VO workshops, conferences, Webinars, and work out groups with fellow voice actors.


"Shannon's voice is fresh and fun. Her sound is the affable, best friend who is always up for a good time! At work, she is the gal you can count on. And at home, the mom who keeps it all together!"- Nancy Wilson, Producer


Various training in software editing