Shane Purnell

Shane Purnell

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"A Friendly, Energetic, Authoritative Voice for Your Project"

I started doing voice over work for corporations that needed e-learning or an on-hold voice that represented how they wanted to sound to their customers. I soon realized that while larger companies needed a more formal sound start ups and small businesses were looking for a friendly voice to represent them. Every project, my goal is to help you sound the way you want for your customers.


My voice over skills come have been gathered over the course my career. Starting with a degree in speech communication and radio in the early 90s, I've used my voice over talents over the course of my career to help organizations leverage the power of my voice to share their message.


I've done voice over work for all businesses sizes, from billion dollar software companies to solopreneurs. Each project is as unique as the customer that ordered it. I've been the voice of safety videos, explainer videos , e-learning courses and commercials and I want to bring my unique voice to your project.


I can add a voice to a powerpoint, a video or a commercial. My goal is to help your project succeed.