Sean Dougherty

Sean Dougherty

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"Cool and Natural American Voice"

My name is Sean Dougherty, and I’m an American voice actor living abroad in the stunning city of Stockholm, Sweden. I specialize in English-language voice reads for commercial, e-learning, corporate narration, documentaries and other projects.

My vocal "signature" features gritty, cool and pulled back tones. That being said, I can also quite easily deliver the friendly guy-next-door vibe.

Also, having worked in the advertising and branding industry for more than 10 years, I am keenly aware of what it takes to create compelling and engaging content - particularly with voice. I bring this valuable experience into the studio to help each and every project stand out to the listening audience.


A graduate of the voice acting program at Edge Studios with direct coaching from actors James Andrews, John Foran and David Goldberg.


Taco Bell
Harley Davidson
Tomy Toys (Pokemon Figures)


Trusted, conversational, easy to listen to, friendly, credible