Sean Cordi

Sean Cordi

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"Informed and refreshing millenial sound with a hip nerd quality."

Informed and refreshing millennial sound with a hip nerd quality.
A unique, standout voice that captures client attention.

I have over 10 years experience as audio production manager and talk show co-host in broadcast radio.
I've logged hundreds of hours in a professional studio recording, editing and mixing audio.

I also offer a variety of accents including British, Irish, Australian and Brooklyn/Jersey.


Working on a long running morning show as co-host has helped me fine tune my natural speaking voice, no 'announcer' talk.
I have worked with another radio station and their staff which included a professor of communications who taught me about public speaking and broadcast communications.
Beyond that, I have produced call-in interview programs, 'Top 20' style afternoon shows and announced/hosted live broadcasts.
Over 11 years behind the mic both in studio and on stage at public speaking events have helped me stand out from average voice talent.


I have been Production Manager for WTKC 89.7 FM for over 11 years.
This means that not only have I been behind the microphone but also in the editing chair.

I have hundreds of hours experience recording, editing and fully producing audio.
That means you never have to worry about my audio sounding off, I'm no ordinary voice talent, I'm a sound engineer at heart.


Personally my biggest accomplishment has been beginning my very own voice over business, separate from the radio station I've worked with for so long.
Building a sound studio and launching 'Choice Voice Productions' as owner and lead voice talent has been an adventure and a dream realized.