Sam Hopper

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Sam Hopper

Whether it's Superman or Thor, I can provide! I usually voice over "strong" characters, but can also do wicked voices. I'm known for delivering odd voices, such as Goblins or Crones. I have a strong control over my voice, as I have experimented with it for countless hours.

Adjectives to describe my strong voice: Strong, Powerful, Booming, Resonant.
Adjectives to describe my wicked voice: Creepy, Hollowing, Funny, Despicable.
Adjectives to describe my normal voice: Warm, Soft, Tough (when needed), breathy.


I learned from the internet and books (i.e. Youtube, Web Searches, Misc websites) . Any training you need can be learned for free if you have the willpower and determination.


Project 37 - a video game by Gordon Cutler. It's a RTS military game. I played multiple of the soldiers in that game.
VOID - an upcoming animated show/audio drama series by Branden Schmitz. I play the whimsical scientist, Xavier.


I can provide fully edited voice over. Not to the degree a professional engineer could, but certainly fine for something like an audiobook.