Ryan Laughton

Member for 5 years •
"Diverse, Enticing, Heroic, Characterful and Engaging."

Ryan has the desirable ability to breathe life into any character thrown his way. He has an impressive vocal range and can believably record voices for all ages, from babies to elderly men. With a diversity of accents at his disposal, Ryan can transform his dialect to cater to your needs.

He has voiced an assortment of characters for animations and video games including drunken pirates, mad scientists, war commanders, super villains and woodland fairies!

Ryan’s voice is distinct, adaptable, engaging, enticing, upbeat and perfect for storytelling, narration and commercial projects.


Ryan has worked as an actor for over ten years and received a national diploma performing arts degree at college followed by a BA (hons) Theatre Degree after graduating in 2014. He has continued to train with vocal coach Matthew Wright for several years.


Ryan has recorded for a countless number of video games and animations. He has voiced characters in triple AAA games for a number of different platforms including Xbox, Playstation, PC, Iphone and Virtual Reality consoles.

Some of Ryan's previous clients include inXile entertainment, Disney TV, Channel 4 Random Acts, Loreful Studios, MAG Studios, Automaton Games, Cinic Games and Protoria Studios. As well as Ethos Animations Studios, who are a children's educational cartoon studio based in India.

Ryan has also voiced interactive museum texts, documentaries for the YMCA and commercials For TV and internet usage.