Ryan Drean

Ryan Drean

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"The Natural Choice: An everyday guy that relates to real people"

Young, Natural, Conversational, Friendly, Believable, Guy-Next-Door. Just are few terms to describe Ryan's voice. When needed he can give you edgy, animated, warm, aggressive, energetic, educational, serious, intelligent (or not so intelligent) and a bit wry. Ryan Drean's delivery has range and is nimble enough to fit your specific situation. Ryan has been a professional voice talent for just over 12 years. Ryan's strongest asset is a natural, contemporary delivery. His voice has seen increasing demand as the style and trends of professional commercial voice over have evolved. He will bring originality to the read and a relate-able, credible image to your brand. Ryan works harder and ALWAYS over-delivers. Ryan is happy to submit a custom audition for any project and he is very eager to work within your budget. Please email with any questions or requests.

Voice Over Specialties Include:
*TV and Radio Commercials
*Radio Imaging and Station Sound
*Industrial and Corporate Narration
*Web Tutorial/Youtube Product narration
*Web Narration
*White Boards
*Business Greetings and IVR
*In-Store PA Announcements

ALMOST 24/7 - Ryan is within minutes of a state-of-the-art studio, Day and Night
Regular hours - 9am to 6pm CST
Email, Text or Call anytime for after hours work

Recent Projects Include (08/2013 to Present):
-Starbucks National TV (2016)
-National Radio Chevy and GM radio (Superbowl 2013/14/15/16)
-National Radio Stamps.com
-National Radio Intel
-National Radio 1-800-Flowers
-National Radio Walmart

Creative, Conversational, Versatile, Humorous, Smooth, Authoritative, Rich, Booming, Aggressive, Silly, Fun, Friendly, Guy-Next-Door, Encouraging, Uplifting are many traits that have new clients coming back for consistent work. FAST TURNAROUND doesn't hurt. Contact Ryan and see how fast he gets back and gets INTO your Project! This is a world of NOW and Ryan works exactly as you need him to. Efficient, proficient and top-shelf.

Other Notable Projects:
-American Airlines - Main Cabin Extra - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLf--MRD784
-Nissan GT Academy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLAXBGSqmxc
-Regional voice of Izzo's (multi-year, multi-state)
-Regional/National TV Columbia College

Get in Touch:
Twitter - @rdrean

Production Work/Podcast and more Media Love:


Ryan has trained with coaches from LA to NYC (and between), worked with agents and managers to better the scope of his skills. Ryan is also keenly interested to learn from directors and producers in sessions on a daily basis. Every job, every session is an opportunity to improve.


Ryan Drean has been a professional voice talent for over 15 years and has worked in almost every facet of the industry. While strengths lie in commercial, promo and radio imaging, he brings a youthful vibe to any product. Ryan has honed his skills as the "every-guy" with playful attitude and even an edgy demeanor when warranted. Ryan has countless commercials under his belt but also is a regular choice for web, narration, phone greetings and business/corporate presentations. Ryan has spent years learning from the best talent and coaches across the country and applies the lessons learned to every project.

Tech Stuff:
-Top of the Line studio (Literally no better place to record....I have pics to prove it)
-24/7 access to ISDN
-Phone Patch, Skype, Ustream, whatever you want to see you can
-Pro Tools, Neumann, Sennheiser, Aphex, DBX, Furman Conditioning and more audio nerdery in the chain


Production is available, you don't want me to sing...anything