Rory Auskerry

Rory Auskerry

Member for 9 years •
"Pro voiceover talent specialising in characters & impressions"

Rory Auskerry is a fresh and exciting voiceover artist based in Manchester, UK. Specialising in characters, impressions and accents, and more than capable of delivering great ‘straight reads’, Rory has a talent for injecting sparkle and humor into every project.

Working from his professionally equipped home studio, Rory offers fast turn around times and great value rates. With a voice described as bright, clear, informative, confident, natural and versatile, why not get in touch now and see how Rory can help you!

No job is too big or too small. Rory is as happy producing drops for budding young DJ’s as he is voicing entire trail campaigns for national radio stations, big ad campaigns or corporate videos.

As well as top class ‘straight reads’, Rory has unique skills as a character voice actor and impressionist. His repertoire includes;

Big Shouty Voice (In the style of the X Factor and the late Patrick Allen)
Terry Tibbs style cockney salesman – “Talk To Me”
Geordie (Big Brother style)
Vicky Pollard (Little Britain chav)
Andy Murray (Tennis Champion)
Posh 1950′s man
Boyce – the wheeler dealer
Irish – (Various regions)
Sean Connery aka James Bond
The Posh Prince (Prince Phillip style)
Billy Connolly (Loud angry Scot style)
Alan Partridge
Voice of God (Epic movie trailer announcer style)
Alan Hansen
Duncan Bannatyne – “I’m out!”
News announcer – modern or old fashioned styles
American News Anchor (various styles)
Gordon Brown (ex UK Prime Minister)
Johnny Vegas (Husky – ‘Hey Monkey’)
William Hague (Foreign Secretary)
Andy and Lou (Little Britain)
Tony Blair (ex UK Prime Minister)
Elvis Presley – uh huh yeah!
Darth Vader
David Beckham style
Tom Baker – “I am the Doctor” (deep and authoritative)
Michael Caine (both young and old styles)
Ali G
PLUS many many more!

The list is always expanding, so if it doesn’t look like the voice you want is available – just ask!


I received voice training and coaching from senior colleagues in the BBC while I was a presenter between 2006 to 2010.

I still present a weekly 2 hour radio show on a commercial station in Manchester, as well as a monthly show on the BBC. This helps me keep my mic technique skills right up to date.


I've voiced all kinds of projects including corporate video narration, cartoon characters, radio trails, promos, adverts, DJ drops, performance intros and podcast idents. Clients include the BBC, Samsung, Krystal Klean, Xpecial FM and many others.

I am also an experienced audio producer and I regularly make sweepers and jingles for radio shows, prodcasters and DJ's as well as producing adverts and other audio projects.


My other job is as a BBC studio sound engineer, so top quality sound and great audio editing skills are guaranteed with all my work.