Ron Lisk

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"A Trustworthy, Story Telling, & Conversational"

Ron's voice style is ideal for commercials, historical and scientific documentaries, e-learning and telephony . A conversational approach, or a story telling style will engage the listener and "Bring the Message to Life" Based in the Washington DC area. a soft country tone, or more heavy country farm boy tone is a natural. For most reads, my sound remains 'neutral' with a natural mid- Atlantic American English tone. Folks have said my sound has a natural resonance, and the style can range from conversational to authoritative.


I have been coached by well known voice over talent in the industry. In my opinion, training is an ongoing process that every professional should consider. For me, I continually train and am critiqued through Edge Studio in New York.


I have been involved as a voice talent since 2009. Years of experience in public speaking including giving technical presentations to corporate executives. Have a diploma in broadcasting from the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Virginia; and have experience in basic audio editing and post production


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