Ron Imbach

Ron Imbach

Member for 5 years
"Middle-aged male with a smooth, clear, deep voice"

I have more than 30 years of professional business and non-profit experience in leadership roles. Over my career, I have frequently been in front of audiences as a speaker and trainer on a variety of business topics as well as non-profit philanthropy.

I am an authority on many topics that could be useful to reach your audience. In addition to my frequent public speaking (I have a YouTube Channel with many examples of my public speaking), I have often been asked to assist on a marketing projects by providing voice over. That has allowed me to assist clients and organizations in many ways, including: television news (anchor, writer, and reporter), radio and television production, commercials for ad agencies (Ogilvy and Mather was a client), narration (PSAs and others), podcasts (A Sound Cloud Channel with examples), announcing, hosting and emcee, informational and instructional, B2B, and many others.

My voice has been described as genuine, sophisticated, authoritative, clear, executive, the "sound of a leader," masculine, professional, trustworthy, persuasive, rich, motivational, and convincing.

With my knowledge of for-profit businesses, non-profits, an MBA, and specialized training in broadcasting, public speaking, non-profit fundraising, and many areas of business, I believe I can assist clients in a number of ways and make your projects memorable, effective, and profitable. I appreciate the opportunity to assist and look forward to a long working relationship together.



Voice over coaching from Tommy Griffiths Voice Coach - 5/16 - present
Columbia School of Broadcasting - radio and television diplomas
Dale Carnegie Leadership and Public Speaking courses
Certified Professional Business Coach
Licensed in securties and life and health insurance and annuities
MBA in marketing and public policy from George Washington University
Bachelor of Science from Shepherd University with majors in Business Administration - Accounting and Economics and a minor in Computer Science


I have been a frequent public speaker since the late 1980s on a variety of topics but focusing mostly on business and non-profit topics. As a speaker and presenter, my largest audience was a conference with 6000 attendees. I have also been a frequent speaker and guest on podcasts and webinars over the past five years.

I have also done voice, news, on-camera, and broadcasting work for the following companies and organizations:

Ogilvy and Mather
Renfro Media Group
Fox News Washington DC affiliate (1994)
WMAL News Radio
Volunteers of America
Wesley Theological Seminary
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
FCAC Media General Cable
Alexandria Jaycees
IAFF Charitable Foundation
Various smaller clients for industrial/B2B and instructional videos


I have a deep, masculine, authoritative voice, but over the years, I have developed the ability to do a wide variety of different voices to meet the needs of the client. I am very expressive and provide a very enthusiastic voice product tailored to the audience.

In addition, I have published various articles for trade journals and newsletters. I also managed the production of a quarterly publication for three non-profit organizations from 1999 - 2009. Consequently, as a writer and editor, my skills are strong, and I believe that can provide an additional service to clients who have a need for that type of work.

I also have strong interests in sports, religion/faith-based issues, American and international politics, movies and television, the Internet, etc. I have also traveled to many countries in North, Central, and South America, Europe, and Africa.

I am a standard looking North America male, 6'3," medium/athletic build, dark hair, and a big smile. I am very well-spoken, and if you want to discuss a project, I would be more than happy to do that.