Robin Vada

Robin Vada

Member for 6 years •
"Bright and friendly, her enthusiasm is contagious."

"As a professional actor, Robin makes listening and learning easy on the ears with her relaxed, authentic, warm and yet bright delivery. When you're looking for an intelligent but accessible sound ​(a real human being!) Robin is spot on." - Lesley Bailey, award-winning casting director, VoiceOverGurus

"Robin's voice has the sort of contagious enthusiasm that makes listeners excited to hear what's next."
- client


VO training with Lesley Bailey, award-winning casting director at Voice Over Gurus
Professional acting training with:
- Jana Lee Hamblin, Act Now Studio
- Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher, Actors Comedy Studio
- Bill Coelius, Commercial Acting 101 & 102
- Improv Levels 1, 2, and 3 at Curious Comedy Theater


VO FILM / RADIO: The Orchid Project (short film screened at SXSW), Co-Host of "Ready Radio" for American Red Cross
VO COMMERCIAL: Quad Micro Bar, Spencer Museum of Art, Clinton Lake Store, Students Tutoring for Literacy, Jubilee Cafe


Post Production