Robin Reece

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"Relatable, comforting, empathetic...I have a warm, soothing tone"
Robin Reece

Commercially speaking, I'm soft sell. For scripts that call for a pleasant but not vanilla delivery, I employ a warm feel - with an important caveat: giving the impression that I may tell you something you weren't expecting. (I like to make you say "hmm!") For more utilitarian purposes (i.e. medical narration, voice prompts and on-hold messages),
I can give you the facts, but make them more palatable with appropriate inflection. There is a trustworthiness, an honest feel I can impart. People in real life will tell me their life story (all too often!) as I tend to come across as genuine and trustworthy. That is reflected in my voicework.


Broadcasting school originally. I have been in radio for many years, (morning show, copy/production director, news, voice tracking) and have recorded literally thousands of commercials. My last gig was that of a traffic reporter/producer, so I can speak very quickly when needed. I have done a couple of audiobooks, and do voice prompts and on-hold messaging from time to time.


I was morning show announcer for a decade at a radio station in Northeast Georgia (WMJE) and for the past ten years worked at Total Traffic/I heart media as a traffic reporter, covering several markets in the Southeast, including WSB Atlanta. From 2009 to 2017, my traffic reports aired on Sirius/XM.


I am continuing to work on my production skills in Adobe Audition right now.