Rob Marley

Rob Marley

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"Professionally warm. Reassuringly smooth. Persuasively creepy."

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Yes, my name really is Rob Marley.
No, I'm not related to the Reggae legend, but we do have the same birthdate, so that's kind of cool!


With over 30 years of experience in live announcing, commercials, TV promos, automotive advertising, radio imaging, and eLearning narration, my passion is to help businesses deliver their message exactly the way they want. Quickly, efficiently and affordably.
I'm not satisfied until you are satisfied!


Over 5 years of professional voiceover training with some of the top experts in the industry.
But really, training for voiceover is an ongoing process. Trends change, customer needs evolve.
Because of that, I work diligently to perfect and improve my skills on a daily basis.
I also regularly attend major conferences and participate in many professional development seminars.
There is always more to learn, improve and perfect!


I started as an audio engineer, so I have experience on both sides of the microphone.

I've been the trusted voice for employee orientation videos, countless philanthropic causes and was once a giant lobster disguised as a security guard.
I'm the guy that informed you that you just humiliated your opponent, have Introduced hundreds of little league baseball players and have taught new vampires how to take their first steps in an online world.

You need a guy-next-door sound? Absolutely!
You need the guy next door to sound like he's a demon from Hell? I'm your man!

From friendly and cheerful, to powerful and evil, I'm as versatile as I am professional.
Clients include: Google, Sony, BMW, Toyota, Six Flags, Air BnB, The University of Texas and many MANY more.

Proud to be a "Founding 500" certified Professional Member of the World Voices Organization (WoVO)


My specialty is producing immaculate audio files with a commitment to providing a 5-star customer service experience. On time, every time.

My custom built studio has been fine-tuned for optimum performance, noise reduction and fast client turnaround.

Additional services:

Copy/Script Writing/ Editing
Mixing/ Mastering
Radio Imaging Production
Sound Effects - Sound FX
Audiovisual Synchronization
Phone Patch - Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Source Connect
FTP Delivery, Email, Traditional Mail, WeTransfer, DropBox

Contact me and lets discuss how I can be of service!