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Rich Brennan

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In 1987, I graduated from a Radio Announcer Production Program in New York City and had every intention on persuing a career in the industry; however, over the course of the next 10 years I began a family; was hired (as an electrician) by a local commuter railroad, relocated from Brooklyn, NY to North Massapequa, NY; and returned to the ranks of the volunteer fire service. The whole 'radio-thing' was put on the back burner.

In March of 1997 I began an internship at a large-market radio station (WBAB/WGBB) in West Babylon, NY; working in the production department is where I dug in. I took a real liking to production; so much so that a short time later I was hired part time (I was still working a full-time job). I remember the first time I heard my voice on the air it was a tag-line for Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizza. I was surprised with how I sounded (lol...having never heard my voice on the air), but I got used to it. Within my first 6 months I was able to write a commercial, voice and produce it; get client approval and get it on the air. By the time I'd a year at the station I could be entrusted with running the department while the production director was out (at first for an hour, or so; then for the day and later on- for a week). During that time another station came into play (WBLI); and for a time we operated a 3-station cluster (WBAB/WBLI/WGBB). Needless to say, the work for the production department practically doubled.

A short time later I started picking up some side work (the first was a parking lot announcement for Splish Splash, a water park in Riverhead, NY); so in 2001, I started JustMyVoice Production. I had no equipment of my own so I operated out of the station. Later that year, I set up a studio in my basement so that I wouldn't have to rely on the radio station studio; which turned out to be a good thing because in 2003, I left the station.

In August of 2012, I retired from my full-time job and concentrated on doing voiceovers/audio production. I've been compnensated for over 3,000 recordings; amassed hundreds of CD's of royalty free music and sound effects, 6,000+ names on my contact list and a new website with updated demos: I'm a happy dude.


Here's a list of a few that are listed on my site:

"Rich Brennan is the quintissential pro, with an ability to deliver exactly what we're looking for in a voiceover talent: consistency, professionalism and creativity. He always brings more than we expect from every session."

Marc Cashman
Executive Producer
Cashman Commercials
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

"I love working with Rich at JustMyVoice Production. Given our time difference, Rich is easy to communicate and work with. The bottom line is that he is able to provide a consistently high quality voice over at an affordable price."

Henry Castiel
CET Multimedia Productions
Chiang Mai, Thailand

"It was a pleasure working with Rich. He was very professional and flexible and was able to deliver the voice-over we needed very quickly."

Amanda Vera
Vice President
Howard Miller Associates, Inc.
Lancaster, PA

"Rich is the man! The quick turn around on the audiobook we gave him was indeed impressive. His warm voice was just perfect for the narration of the book and our client was more than pleased with the final audio. He is a pleasure to work with and we definitely look forward to working with him again. "

Chris Snelgrove
Audio Director
DarkFire Productions
Centennial, CO

"Rich was really easy to work with. He understood what we wanted, and gave it to us in one take! And that voice is just amazing!"

Azmi Ghazali
Radio Operations.
Kristal Media
Sdn Bhd, Brunei

"As with most clients, I had a very tight deadline which Rich responded to, in record time; delivering great quality, a range of samples and all to a high standard. I Would certainly recommend Rich for future projects."

Helen Axe
Project Manager,
PIXELearning Limited
Cheetah Road, Coventry UK


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