Reginald Jiles

Reginald Jiles

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"Are you in good hands?"

The deepness of my voice I believe makes it so unique. I am comfortable with pre-recorded voice activities or live. I do motivational speaking to at risk youth, and can go from that to doing a play by play broadcast of a sporting event, to reading books to kids.


As a graduate from Miles College, I started learning the art of voice over there. Most of my voice training has come from the different task I've had at Rome Radio Partners.


My biggest achievement so far was having my own party mix show on Q102 in Rome called Club Q102. Over the years I have been the voice for local radio commercials for Car Mart, Pro Performance, and I also was the disclaimer (voice) for a candidate in a local election.


I have been in charge of voice tracking several shows while working at Rome radio partners.