Rebecca James

Rebecca James

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"Engaging, warm and dynamic voice."

Rebecca is a British voice-over artist with ten years of experience. Rebecca has worked on a large range of projects including corporate, commercials, dubbing, video games and documentaries. Rebecca works primarily in British English, RP and Mid-Atlantic as well as a variety of regional accents.


Theatre training since the age of 12 and daily diction exercises since then! I have also participated in various voice-over workshops.


Clients include Clarins, L'Oréal, Microsoft, Volvo, Décathlon, Hatier, Crédit Agricole, Antalis, Medefield, Gymglish, Luxury Attitude, Groundbreakers, Confession D’un Enfant Du Siecle (Sylvie Verheyde), Womanology, HelloDiet…etc etc


Accents, character voices.