Philip La Vere

Philip La Vere

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"From warm & personal, to deep, masculine & authoritative"

Philip is american, but has has lived in Europe for thirty years, working in various aspects of media and advertising as a photographer, designer, copywriter and consultant.

As a voice talent, he has represented internationally recognised brands, for numerous food, beverage, household and garden items, as well as business and technology entities

He is also an accomplished singer and musician, giving him a mature and seasoned voice that sound engineers and ad account directors always enjoy working with. In a sea of aggressive, north american male deejay voices, Philip's delivery is honest, believable and personable. His voice is deep and masculine in tone, yet still direct and friendly, as though speaking to guests in his home.

He also enjoys doing accents, and a variety of comic and character voices... he even does a great north american deejay..


Philip has worked on & off in the advertising industry for 25 years, doing everything from acting in commercials, to voice over for radio, television, and cinema ads, as well as promotional corporate videos and documentaries.

"Life is my teacher. I left home at 16 and have traveled and lived in Europe for 30 years. The people I have met and the places I have been have all added to my spectrum of awareness and to my vocal range, while always remaining aware of and in touch with my roots as an american."

He is currently focusing on internet voice acting, after having also worked as a professional advertising photographer, creative consultant, and also working in programming, application development including even illustration, animation & working as a cartoonist.


JP Morgan, Husqvarna, Hoover, Bailey's Irish Cream, Carlsberg, Jim Beam, Four Roses, St. George Flour, Lamborghini, Texas Motor Speedway, McCaan Erikson, Global Diablo, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi,


I am a singer, songwriter and guitar player who regularly performs live. I lived a few years in Germany and a half year in France, so am comfortable doing short scripts in these languages, although will need a little direction. My Greek is more fluent, as I have spent many years there. Of course, I can do all three with varying degrees of american accent when needed :)